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World Reflected

My final drawing project my first quarter at SCAD was to draw a scene that would provoke emotion in the viewers. In World Reflected I hoped to create a feeling of solitude and inner reflection through the composition of the landscape and architectural elements that make up my work. The foreground of this piece is empty, creating a space in the front of the composition where viewers can imagine themselves standing. As viewers gaze at the empty park bench and see a busy world reflected back at them from the window, they will be confronted with their own solitude as they alone view the piece. The contrast of the solitary viewer and the busy street scene allows viewers space to reflect as they look out at the world in a detached manner. The reflection makes it seem as if they are a step removed from the reality of the city scene and are isolated in the bubble of space around the bench, heightening the sense of solitude for the viewers.

Charcoal media. Fall 2019.

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