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SEM Image




Final Render

The goal of this project was to replicate the look of a scanned electron microscope (SEM) image. More specifically, to use code to create a shader that mimics the rim light-like effect seen in such images. This project involved no lighting, as all lighting effects were created by the shader. After choosing an SEM image to replicate, the first thing to do was model the shape. The base geometry was fairly simple to model, but placing all of the mushroom-like "buttons" was more challenging. After creating several different sized buttons, a script was used to place the different buttons all across the base geometry. Although this method was significantly faster than placing each button by hand, many still had to be manually adjusted as they were facing the wrong direction. After finishing modeling, I used a code to create the different types of displacement on the base model and buttons.  

Responsible for all aspects. Autodesk Maya and Renderman. Winter 2020. 

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