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Blade Runner 2049 Mood Match

Mood Match

Original Image


The goal of this project was to use lighting to match the mood of a still from a film made by an accredited cinematographer. While looking through the films done by Roger Deakins, I came across the above still from Blade Runner 2049. Although the focus of this project was on lighting, I instantly knew I wanted to recreate this scene because of the challenge that would be presented by modeling the whole environment. The first steps of this project involved analyzing the still and finding a cube within it that could be used to match the camera to the scene. Then, using the height of the actor and standard measurements of railings, stairs, and doors, real scale proxy geometry was placed to begin to block out the scene. Because the project was lighting based, the next step was placing the first iteration of the key and fill lights and adding some basic colors. Then the rest of the environment was modeled and shaders were added to the scene. 

Still Analysis: Cube


First Lighting Iteration


Proxy Geometry


In Progress Modeling and Shaders


After the environment was fully modeled and the initial shaders were done, the result was rendered and brought into Nuke to better compare with the still. After seeing the initial comparison the lighting and shaders were adjusted in Maya, and final adjustments were added in Nuke. Finally, when the image was complete a camera was animated to move through the scene.

First Render Nuke Comparison



Animation with Wireframe

Responsible for all aspects. Autodesk Maya, and Nuke. Fall 2021.

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